Whoa, modern day teen-werewolves?

It’s not emo and it’s not goth….it’s more animal than that…

“We’re not a gang at all. Gangs are like posers. They just want attention, that’s why they go along tagging stuff. The pack? We’re a family. We go to each other for our problems.”

“You get friends. You get a place where you belong. You’re pretty much accepted to where you are, who you are, what you are,” said Deikitsen Wolfram Lupus, the unofficial leader of the pack at Brandeis High. He says he’s got some wolf in him, howling sometimes to get out.

Silly kids, unless you look something like this you ain’t no werewolf:

You see that? A hairy muthafuckah, who told you werewolves look like the example below?

I thought that was a girl until he opened his mouth xD, that’s bad man, bad dog D:!

Fangs, eyeliner, long dyed hair, a silly tail hanging from the back of your jeans, and contact lenses from the local costume shop? Hipstah please!

Aside from the jerk who killed that dog, I gotta agree with the lady talking about her son,

If this is the worst that he does in high school, I’m blessed

Gotta give her that, her son is just weird, but probably not a bad kid :D.

And it takes real courage to look like that bad, and then add a faux tail to your jeans and walk through the school like nothing’s going on.

To the fat big boned kid who said they’re not trying to be intimidating, you’re doing a great job, cause you don’t look intimidating at all, just plain weird ;).

These kids have it easy, I did middle school at a catholic school, try disobeying their code of conduct, including the uniform, and you’ll get a beating.

For high school I went to a couple of private schools (public education in my country of origin is to be feared), it wasn’t as bad but you couldn’t just do whatever you wanted with the uniform, specially long hair on guys, that’s a solid NO.

Who wants to start a Pedobear pack? =D


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