Woman gets pregnant by 3D TV

Nowadays TV is blamed for a lot of things, but this one takes the cake.

US woman Jennifer Johnson claims she suffered her hi-def 3D divine intervention while her soldier husband Eric was away serving in Iraq.

She said she was watching a pornographic movie with her friends when she came over “all dizzy”.

A month later, she realised she was pregnant and now is the proud mother of a dark-skinned boy.

What’s even more amazing is she and her husband are both white.

Apparently, according to Jennifer, the baby is very much like the black porn star in the movie.

Wow, she must live in a cartoon world, remind me never to buy a 3D TV and watch any scenes that contain a sewer, I don’t want to end up cover in sh*t.

I wonder what her husband will do to her, and her 3D lover :D.

Via News.com.au and Techwatch.

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