WORST Translator Ever Crashes The White House!

So you understand what this parody is about let me show you an excerpt from the Washington Post about the poor translation at the arrival ceremony for Mexican President Felipe Calderon.

WASHINGTON — A halting and grammatically incoherent English translation marred Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s arrival ceremony at the White House Wednesday, rendering his remarks difficult to understand at times. The Mexican delegation blamed its own translator.

In Spanish, Calderon’s comments were straightforward and clear as he stood by President Barack Obama on the South Lawn and spoke to the common values and principles that unite the U.S. and Mexico.

But the English translation that American viewers heard was so bad that the official White House transcript ignored it. Instead the White House used a translation provided by the Mexican Embassy and it was markedly different from the words actually spoken by the translator as Calderon talked.

It seems the translator came from a discount service :(.

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