King of Beasts GOLION – Not your daddy’s VOLTRON

I think I was 4  when Voltron first aired on TV, it was just awesome, I begged my parents a million times until they finally bought me one of the lions, then the complete set (I loved the metal lions), one action figure, one of the many story books, etc…..

But as I grew older I noticed how ridiculous the story was.

When YouTube was young, and videos were not taken down as fast as they are now, I stumbled upon the original opening.

The song was cheesy, but the whole intro was a lot different, and being anime I began to wonder how much “Beast King GoLion” was censored to become “Voltron: Defender of the Universe.”

Yeah, that’s definitely not my Voltron.

Remember that episode about some space flowers? Everybody “passed out,” but this is what really happened:

Everybody died.

Specially the lady who fell from that balcony on the second floor ;D.

I have to admit, even with the extreme censorship and the whole mixing of series and all Voltron grew into something bigger than its two original series combined. For the Japanese it was just another robot series to sell toys, for everyone else it’s freaking VOLTRON!

And Voltron was lucky, it was made from 2 series but it had 2 separate robots, 2 separate series, while Robotech defiled 3 series to make just one.

Anyway, if anybody is interested Amazon has the complete Beast King GoLion series for about $60 USD, or if you’re a collector, the remastered Voltron: Defender Of The Universe box set goes for about twice as much, but it comes with some other goodies.

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