A few thoughts on Marvel’s “Siege”

I finally finished reading Siege, Marvel’s big story that follows the events of Dark Reign, and while it is a fantastic story, I also have to say it’s freaking annoying at some point.

I can’t begin to tell you how annoyed I am having to see the same scene about 10 times; Captain America’s shield hitting Osborn in the face.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the whole Asgard falling, I think Sentry destroyed it so many times it turned into dust.

The story is good, great, magnifique! But why did it have to repeat the same thing over and over just to show a different angle, this is not Vantage Point!

Look, in Vantage Point you would watch the same thing over and over again from the point of view of different people, that slowly gives away clues to what is going on. But with The Siege you would see the end of Osborn’s reign and then see the whole thing again from different points of view, which I think is unnecessary, it could have been better if the end was shown at the end, as in the very last issue.

I had a similar problem with DC’s Blackest Night, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as with Siege, the end of the series didn’t happen like 20 comics before the actual end….

I don’t know about you but I got to the point where I would just flip the pages really fast until I saw something worth my time.

Seriously, as if the whole Volstagg story wasn’t unnecessary enough, there was this thing about Odin’s Spear, for what, I ask you? It would have been nice if they had actually used it against Sentry….

Alright, it’s over, good riddance.

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