Purolator Filter’s “Metal Wars”

Purolator‘s “Metal Wars” was a series of engine filter commercials featuring grudge matches where sophisticated battle machines take on pathetic cardboard opponents.

“In a world of metal, some things just don’t belong.”

According to the producers of these commercial campaign, it made use of their competitor’s Achille’s heel: cardboard end caps used to prevent dirty oil from returning to the engine. It was one one the most entertaining commercials I had seen in years, especially because they featured heavy metal in the background, but Purolator retired them and removed them from their Youtube account, and eventually from their site as well.

But here they are, in all their glory!

Purolator “Metal Wars” El Diablo Mucho from Hiccup Media on Vimeo.

Purolator “Metal Wars” Castration Station from Hiccup Media on Vimeo.

Purolator “Metal Wars”  Psychosis from Gregory Nance on Vimeo.

They also did a series of commercials featuring the same idea, but with guys talking weird stuff while fixing their cars, and it just wasn’t the same.

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