We’re back :D

Finally, after several days of trying to get the site back together I can safely say it’s pretty much done.

After the problem with WordPress I tried several things to try to fix it, including removing all my plugins ( I found out some don’t even exist O_o), and even reinstalling without removing the files, and nothing worked.

I ended up reinstalling more than once, I tried doing a backup of the database, and guess what, the errors came back, so tried a fresh installation again but with the backup, which happened to be 5mb (if you use WordPress you probably know what that means…).

So, after WordPress gave me hell I kind of managed to restore everything by keeping a copy of the image directory and splitting the backup in gzip, the first piece gave ma a thousand errors, the rest were as easy as pie ;).

Anyway, I spent the last few days trying to understand how the Arras theme works and doing all the changes I needed, I’m not entirely done but I can go with what I have right now.

The only problem now is that pretty much all of the thumbnails are gone, since the theme uses them I kind of have a gigantic task ahead, IF I care about them, if you follow this blog you will know I post mostly poop.

Anyway, any suggestions will be appreciated.

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