Another bad parody movie? Now I’m offended.

I would really like to know why these jerks keep getting money to throw away on ridiculous parodies that are as funny as being kicked in the balls repeatedly.

The newest addition to the “something-something movie” titles is Vampires Suck, it’s supposed to be a Twilight spoof.

Directors Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer should be proud, this looks bad, generic, ridiculous, absurd, and not funny at all.

Just how many times must we see the same scene where shirtless guys go all gay to It’s Raining Men or something like that? It’s been used so many times it’s been burned to a crisp.

Let me get something straight, I do not like Twilight, I could not stand more than 15 minutes into the first movie, and I was watching it on cable. But is it good enough a reason to make a cheap-ass spoof? I’m sure there are better directors and script writers able to come up with something truly funny, not the same shit over and over again.

Ever since the third Scary Movie came out a few years back these 2 directors have spawned a series of shitty movies that are a shame to the comedy genre.

Spoofs used to be great, they actually made us laugh, you didn’t know what they would come up with next, but now they have re-used the same scenes over and over again, making these movies painful to watch.

The funny thing about these movies (no pun intended) is how they show their best spoofs in the trailers to make people believe there is something even better in the actual film, when in reality that’s it, there’s nothing more to it.

I really wonder why the people who finance these guys keep on throwing away their money on movies they know are gonna be bad, the last movies have had horrible reviews and with good reason, it would be for the best if people just start ignoring any “comedies” from these directors, I’m no fun of ruining anybody’s life but this is just painful.

I like movies where I can actually laugh, if a movie only makes me laugh 10% of it’s running time then it sucks balls, and Meet the Spartans, for example, didn’t make me laugh at all.

I wonder if we’ll get to see Carmen Electra in this film, she always shows up in this horrendous films, hey, you either laugh or watch her cleavage, that must be these guys’ formula for a selling movie.

If I may make a suggestion, the next movie title should be “THIS MOVIE SUCKS,” just a thought.

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