Offer to buy octopus Paul for gastronomic event

Spanish businessmen have offered 30,000 euros (about 38,000 dollars) to buy the world-famous “psychic” octopus Paul.

Before you jump to conclusions, they want to use him as a mascot at a gastronomic event.

The annual August festival focuses on squid specialities and takes place in the small village of Carballino, near Orense in north- western Spain. The idea of bringing in Paul came from mayor Carlos Montes, who hopes to attract visitors.

A resident of Sea Life aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany, Paul has achieved renown for successfully predicting matches at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Businesses in Carballino, which has 14,000 inhabitants, pooled 30,000 euros for Paul.

“We don’t want to eat Paul,” said Manuel Pazo, who runs a fishing business in the village.

The locals would like the octopus to continue predicting football matches. Should the Oberhausen aquarium decline to sell Paul, the businessmen hope to obtain him on loan for the festival on August 8.

Seeing how octopus Paul is being blamed for Germany’s third place in this year’s FIFA World Cup, and some went as far as to threaten the life of the poor octopus I guess it’s not a bad idea after all, so long as he doesn’t end up as the main dish o_O.


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