Old Spice guy video responding fans on YouTube

You can’t deny the power of the Old Spice commercials, specially the newest ones, the guy’s awesome!

This has to be the best advertising campaign ever, and now doing a ton of short-but-extremely-awesome video responses to people on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other websites? Insane, but effective.

Personally I love these ads, they are the reason the universe was created.

The setting is this, the Old Spice guy (aka Isaiah Mustafa) in a bathroom, wearing nothing but a towel, and responding to fan messages individually, one video response per message, and his answers go from the hilarious to the insanely awesome, I don’t think the universe was prepared for this.

If you want to be amazed head over to the Old Spice channel on YouTube, or click here to go the that specific playlist.

This post is now diamonds while baking a cake and swan diving into a pool filled with stars and awesome sauce.

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