OMFG, Inception is mind blowing!

I just went to see Inception, and I can’t say anything bad about it, it’s just amazing!

To be completely honest the trailers did nothing for me, in fact I didn’t expect anything good about it, and I just went to see it because I didn’t have to pay for my ticket.

I’m glad I was wrong about this movie.

I haven’t really enjoyed a movie the way I enjoyed this one for a long time, I think the last time I had this feeling was with The Matrix back in 1999.

The whole concept is just incredible, the acting was superb, the special effects were great, and the action was glorious.

I can’t really say anything I didn’t like about it, in fact half-way through the movie I realized I was smiling, can you believe that?

Seriously, go see it, this movie has to be seen on a freaking ginormous screen, in fact if I can I will go see it again to see what I missed (although I don’t think I missed any of the action).

I give this movie a 5/5, it’s just that good.

On a side note, this Old Spice commercial is even more impressive on the big screen, you would not believe how people reacted to it xD

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