Sometimes it feels like the universe is against me…

The last few days have been bad, as in “WTF!” bad. Sometimes I think I am either extremely unlucky, or the universe likes to play tricks on me [he’s pretty good at it (I just called the universe a “he” o_O)].

Here’s a quick list of the latest stuff:

  • I received a letter from the IRS asking for their money, I owe around 2 grand from the unemployment benefits (yes, the actually tax you on that), and almost $500 from a mistake in my taxes from ‘o8.
  • I was watching a video when my left speaker died on me and I don’t have any money to buy a replacement (if it exists, they’re over 5 years old).
  • The self-storage place just raised their monthly fee from $204 to $221 without warning.
  • My bank scrambled the last activity in my account and added back an amount I just used, making the account unusable until they fix it.
  • The Last Airbender sucked (it wasn’t as bad as many say but I can’t say it was good either).
  • eBay sent me an invoice for the 6 things I didn’t sell and the ones that did sell after 2 tries (it seems I’m a terrible seller).
  • My hosting raised their service fees.
  • I haven’t been able to make any money off the ads on this site.
  • I’m still unemployed.

It’s a good think I don’t have a dog, otherwise it would pee on me.

I think they only thing that keeps me sane is my incredible laziness (as in too lazy to go on a rampage), otherwise my stress levels would have gone through the roof a long time ago (they’re almost there).


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