Stupid thunderstorm D:<

We’ll probably be offline from a few days to a few weeks until Pepco (the local power company) finds out what areas were affected by today’s surprise buttsex thunderstorm, believe, it was massive D:<.

I’ve seen my share of strong wind thunderstorms, but from a car, that means you can’t see anything, it’s the first time I get to see one from my house.

The traffic is literally murder, many traffic lights are not working and many people don’t seem to realize they have to take turns to move through busy intersections without traffic lights, they just keep going without a care in the world, specially those assholes with their gawddamn cellphones in their hands, assholes >:[

Anyway, until that problem is solved I will have limited internet access (not that anyone cares), but if any of my friends wonders what happened to me, well, nature happened, mother nature on her period…

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