You underestimate the powah of electricity

We’re back! Well, me mostly, after 3 days without power at home I was starting to feel like a caveman…

3 days without power in the middle of summer, and in the East Coast, yeah, with the level of humidity in this area it sure was nice not having A/C…

We have a gasoline power generator at home, but the thing’s extremely noisy and we couldn’t really power up our desktop computers, just the fridge, the TV, and the Verizon modem and its battery, that at least gave us access to news and temporary internet access, but getting gas around here was hard D:<

Anyway, thank God the power is back (for now), I hope we don’t get any more surprise thunderstorms like the one on Sunday, people drive like shit when traffic lights are working, now imagine what happens when they’re not….

Mayhem, it’s what’s for dinner!

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