A short review of Stallone’s The Expendables

Hey guys, this is a quick review of what I think is THE action film of this summer, probably the year.

So you all kind of know the story, this group of mercenaries are paid to overthrow a government somewhere in South America.

Let me tell you right away that the story is not that great, so if you’re expecting a mind-blowing story you’re barking at the wrong tree. However, the action is insane, there’s so much testosterone in this movie you’ll grow chest hair.

What I like about the movie:

  • the cast is awesome
  • insane action
  • amazing violence
  • tons of explosions
  • it delivers

I knew what kind of movie this was going to be, so there’s nothing I didn’t like about it, if anything it would be how a certain guy ended up near the end.

Again, if you are/were looking for a smart and well played script this is the wrong movie, this is plain action/adventure/manly awesomeness/epic epicness, it’s so manly it will make women act like bitches in heat and they will rape you, you will die in heaven.

I extremely recommend it in the name of all that is macho and manly, if you are a fan of 80’s action flicks this will be a treat.

There is one thing I really hated, but it wasn’t about the movie but the theater itself. If you live in Mongomery County, Maryland, you probably know Regal Cinemas 13 in Rockville, they dared to use the room with the smallest screen for this movie (yes, there’s one or 2 like that in that joint), which really sucks, I should have gone to the AMC at Rio D:<

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