Dear YouTube: Remove the f**king videos!

It is really annoying when you find something on YouTube and it turns out to be MUTE, why strip the sound off of these videos when they can remove them altogether?

A few hours ago I posted a video of a meme with the song “Beat It” by Michael Jackson, and I just found out the video is mute in some countries, they might as well block the freaking video for everyone.

I know the RIAA has been on Google’s ass for a while because they want money from people sharing even a piece of a song from artists that signed with any of the labels they represent, but they might as well remove the whole video and not just leave it there with this annoying message:

NOTICE This video contains an audio track that has not been authorized by [insert company name here]. The audio has been disabled.

That’s just retarded, many videos were synchronized with the specific song they removed and cannot be just swapped with another one, please do us all a favor and block the videos entirely.

That reminds me, why the fuck is YouTube blocking Spanish Dragonball Z video clips? Funimation has the rights to their chopped up version of DBZ, but as far as I know Intertrack still holds the rights  for their version of DBZ, Funimation is not even using their dub in their DVDs, so why do I keep getting this “Funimation has blocked this content for your country” message?


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