Do movie theater employees know what they’re doing in the proyection room?

My question comes from the fact that the sound is too freaking loud!!!

The last movie I saw (Scott Pilgrim vs The World) was a fucking nightmare to my ears. The room was small and pretty much empty, only 6 people in total, the commercials and trailers were fine until somebody suddenly turned up the volume to ungodly levels and my ears wanted to run away and take cover.

The same thing happened in pretty much every single movie I’ve seen in the last 12 months at different movie theaters, the commercials (yes, they show TV commercials now) are normally fine, but when the trailers start they turn up the volume really high without good reason.

If there is something I really hate is feeling like I just came out of a night club and my ears ringing D:

I worked at a local movie theater when I was 19, and let me tell you this guys just start the movies and leave, there was always a complaint about either the sound or the screen.

I really don’t understand the need to play movies at sound levels worthy of a football stadium, there should be a law against it >:[

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