(NSFW) One of these days Mr Fishburne will go all Morpheus on his daughter

It’s no secret by now that Montana Fishburne, daughter of Laurence Fishburne, has done a porn video, which happens to be a real Vivid Video production and not your regular “somebody stole a vid of me and my boyfriend from my computer” type of thing.

Montana is just 19 y/o, but says she’s been wanting to do porn for the last 4 years, my question would be, WHY?

Oh wait, there’s also the cover of “As Is” Magazine with her butt naked (which I have no problem with, that’s a great ass, even if it is heavily photoshopped :)).

I wonder why her boobs look saggy, she’s only 19…

But wait, the plot thickens.

Did you know there is actually a second sextape with porn star/rapper Brian Pumper, and even a charge of prostitution against her from last year?

There is, of course, the release of this NSFW photo rumorrat.com posted of the Vivid flick where she shows her tatas.

I don’t get what she’s doing or why, is she trying to prove a point? Anger daddy?

If this is her way of making a name for herself she’s on the right path, although it’s not that good for daddy.

On an interview she said ā€œIā€™ve watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and I think a lot of it was due to the release of her sex tape,ā€ which leads me to believe drug addictions and fake personal sex tapes are not her thing.

Being a whore is what sales these days, Kim Kardashian knows this very well, however if she ever decides to leave her new found passion for a real acting career it’s gonna be difficult for her as nobody will take her seriously.

Of course there’s always MTV.

BTW, I haven’t seen the Vivid flick yet, I’ll analyze it later and let you know if it’s worth it, oh the sacrifices one must make ;D

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