WTF? Ohio woman goes all violent over McNuggets at 6am

This is sure absurd and ridiculous, and absurd.

Wow, she must have been drunk and high, and drunk. And high. Not even Ronald McDonald goes all crazy when he doesn’t get his happy meal.

Why would somebody get so angry over some Chicken McNuggets at 6 in the freaking morning? We’re not even talking about 10 minutes before they stop serving breakfast, it’s 6 in the gawddamn morning for crying out loud!

The “unidentified object” turns out to be a beer bottle.

You know what’s funny? She was only charged with vandalism, she hit some of the employees, she should have been charged with assault and battery.

You know what’s funnier? A woman trying so hard to get into the kitchen, they might as well let her in and force her to make a gawddamn sandwich ;).

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