US Open Spectators Fight – Now this is real entertainment

A fight broke out between spectators on the Arthur Ashe Stadium midway through the first set of the Novak Djokovic vs Philipp Petzschner match, nobody knows what started the argument but things certainly got ugly.

These are different views of the whole deal, so watch all 3 videos before judging, specially the third video, you can hear some of the things being yelled.

From what I gather from the third video and some of the descriptions the lady was complaining the guy was dropping too many F bombs, but why make a big fuss out of it? What if he was using foul language? Why get offended so easily?

Last time I checked I checked it’s not illegal to curse.

Anyway, the lady slaps the guy, he keeps his cool and just keeps yelling at her, and when things seem to be back to normal the old man decides to get physical with the younger guy, loses his balance in the process and the younger guy is blamed for it, and it seems he is arrested afterward.

What is it about live events that makes people go nuts over nothing? If you ask me they should have arrested all parties involved, they physically attacked the guy, dammit.

You know what’s sad? His friend didn’t get involved at any point whatsoever, not even to calm his friend down or when he saw the old man grabbing him by the hair, what a pussy.

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