Gaga and Bieber nearing 1 billion YouTube views, should we care?

Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are both approaching a major milestone of the new music industry: one billion all-time YouTube views.

Lady Gaga should pass one billion views around Oct. 20 if she continues on her current pace, according to David Birch, communications director at TubeMogul. During September, she averaged almost 1.8 million views per day.

Birch says Bieber will surpass the 1 billion views milestone around Nov. 1 if he keeps up his current pace. During September, Bieber’s videos were viewed about 3.7 million times per day.

Milestone of the new music industry? Come on, it’s YouTube, you go and listen to music on YouTube so you don’t have to pay for it, it’s full of freeloaders, how do these numbers make these 2 “hot”?

Besides, nowadays you can have bots visiting your videos to massively increase the number of views, this certainly proves nothing but empty numbers.

In any case this is a bad way to measure the popularity of an artist, if YouTube had existed since the 1940s and 50s I’m pretty sure this numbers would mean nothing.

To be honest Bieber is a fad, unlike Lady Gaga Bieber will grow up, have trouble singing, and possibly be an ugly teenager, there are so many factors against him I’m pretty sure the producers are already looking for the next Bieber.


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