Impersonation fail – Fake cop pulls over real cop

A Long Island man faces impersonation charges after police said a driver he pulled over for a traffic stop turned out to be a legitimate detective.

Suffolk County Police said 35-year-old Victor Alfaro-Marquez of Selden was arrested hours after the attempted traffic stop.

Detective William Zambito was driving home from work at about 4.30am when an unmarked car with flashing lights and sirens stopped him. When Detective Zambito told Mr Alfaro-Marquez he was an off-duty officer, police said Mr Alfaro-Marquez fled the scene.

Mr Alfaro-Marquez was arrested at his home. Police recovered two badges, handcuffs, a pellet pistol in a holster and a Drug Enforcement Agency baseball hat and shirt.

He was released on bail on a charge of criminal impersonation.

What a moron, at least he didn’t pull over another fake cop and then had a real cop show up behind them, that would have made it the ultimate fail ;).


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