Old Spice “Heart of a Champion” with Ray Lewis is not that awesome

Old Spice is using Ray Lewis, the NFL man of the moment, for their commercials. However, they’re not even close to what we have seen from Old Spice in the last few months.

Here’s their latest attempt at being extremely awesome.

The ad made me laugh, it’s weird, but funny. But it’s not filled with the awesomeness of the previous commercials, I’m sorry Old Spice but Ray Lewis just doesn’t cut it, or maybe the idea of forcing the Ravens down our throats is not really working out, whatever the case may be this 3rd commercial with Lewis is being hated, a lot.

Just check the YouTube ratings for that video, as of this moment:

I don’t think any of the ads featuring Isaiah Mustafa received such ratings, they were so awesome the ratings became diamonds!

The Terry Crews were great as well, those were truly weird, they made me WTF so many times, but in a good way.

I live in Maryland, so I listen to some of the many ads featuring the Baltimore Raven’s players, and let me tell you, they suck. They sound as bad as when Rocky Balboa in Rocky 2 tried to do commercials and couldn’t read the cards, just horrible.

Maybe it’s the lines, maybe it’s Ray Lewis, I don’t know, but there’s something missing here…..

…good acting maybe?

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