Crazy gamer pays $15,000 to play MMO on a 820-feet long screen

Apparently this guy wasn’t happy with the size of their screen at home, so he pays $15,000 USD to play a video game on an 820-feet long screen at “The Place,” located in Beijing and themed by “Everyone in Beijing Looks up.” It is Asia’s largest and the world’s second largest LED screen.

What did he play? Apparently some World of Warcraft knock-off called Magic World Online 2.

And you would think he spent the whole afternoon playing, but in reality they charged him 15 grand to play for 10 minutes.

People can do whatever the hell they want with their money, but 15 grand to play a freaking MMO on a giant screen for 10 minutes? Really???

This guy’s either rich or this is a publicity stunt, I could buy a goddamn car with that money, a goddamn car!!!

[] via [device]

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