Hahaha, customer receives an F-bomb on his receipt at Burger King

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A Burger King manager and an employee are being fired after a Sacramento man got a receipt that contained an offensive message, the company said Wednesday.Francisco Perez said upon ordering food at the Arden Way restaurant, he received a receipt that said “f— you.”

Perez told KCRA 3 he got the receipt after spending $9.22 on a Double Whopper with cheese, onion rings and a small drink.

“I looked at the receipt and it says ‘f— you’ on it,” said Perez as he read the receipt. In big bold letters at the top of the receipt it has the four-letter profanity spelled out: “f— you,” not once but twice.”Actually, I’m embarrassed,” Perez said. “It’s humiliating.”Perez said he did nothing to provoke the workers and that the firings were justified.”All I did was place my order and I got a ‘f— you’ burger,” Perez said.


That’s just hilarious, it’s too bad the manager lost his job too, if an employee was at fault you either fire him or give them a time off, but why the manager too?

In any case I laughed my butt off when I learned about it, I don’t know if I would have been offended or just laugh before calling the store manager, but it’s funny nonetheless.


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