Have you ever had one of those weird days…

…when everything seems to be going right, but then you realize nothing is going as it should be?

Yesterday was that kind of day, it was good and bad at the same time, but the bad stuff got the better of me…

For starters, I caught a cold from going outside with a normal sweater for 1 minute (as in 60 seconds), I even think it was probably less than that….

So, an hour later I start coughing like crazy, so I took some Tylenol (I hurt my lower back 2 Saturdays ago, the pain hasn’t completely subsided yet) and went to sleep.

After 4 hours of sleep I receive 2 phone calls early in the morning for 2 possible job opportunities, one right after the other, so at the end I couldn’t go back to sleep and even had answer questions via email to both staffing companies, I even got scheduled for an interview. That sounds good right? Keep reading.

I managed to suppress my coughing during both phone interviews, but I didn’t feel any better from that point on (sleeping only 4 hours wasn’t helping either.)

So, I shaved my awesome musketeer goatee that had cherished for months to look professional and presentable. I was in the middle of it, and I really mean IN THE MIDDLE OF IT, when I received a call from another person from one of the staffing firms that had called me earlier in the morning for a different position, so I have 2 people after my bones for 2 different things within the same staffing company. That’s weird.

I was told I had to take an online test on a cert I got 6 years ago to see if I’m capable of performing the job, even before going through any kind of actual interviews and stuff…

Anyway, I spend 20 minutes with the person on the phone, plus the time I took to send my resume and all stuff again. take a shower and leave for freaking Northern VA at 4:00pm (rush hour).

So, a 25 minute trip turned into 65 minutes of agonizing slow traffic, and to make things worse there was NOTHING, no good reason whatsoever for that slow traffic, unless a broken down vehicle ON THE FREAKING SHOULDER counts as a good reason to FREAKING STOP TO LOOK AT IT FOR NO GOOD REASON!!!

A quarter of a mile later, traffic sped up to ridiculous speeds.

So, I was late…..

But I had already warned the guy and he was cool about it, in fact the interview lasted about 12 to 15 minutes at most, which to be honest could have been done over the phone, it was really hard to suppress my coughing, yet again.

So, it happens that such interview serves for no purpose but to find out more about me, so they could then submit my resume to the actual company where the job is to be performed, and then I have to go to another interview, this time the real one, so they can tell me if I’m good enough for the job, or just tell me they will call me and never hear from them again…

15 minutes later I was back on the road, feeling like a train had run over me, and head over to a shopping mall for some Christmas shopping during rush hour traffic, and it only took me another hour and a half what could have taken me 25 minutes in normal traffic.

And I found none of the stuff I was looking for…

I head back home feeling like crap, and guess what, I have a fever, and it ain’t for more cowbell!

So, I take the test with my face melting like the Nazis from Indiana Jones and the Riders of the Lost Ark.

Guess what, I probably blew the test, it’s really hard to concentrate when your eyes are melting and all you think like a zombie, “bed, BED!!!”

They tested me on stuff I could have passed easily when I had first taken my certification exam and everything was fresh on my mind, as if text book knowledge actually works out there in the field…

Anyway, I took some Alka-Seltzer Plus right after the test and they had a funny effect on me. While my face was still burning in the pits of hell, the rest of my body was as cold as ice, and my legs hurt, so I guess it’s working.

At this point there is a chance I might be scheduled to go through the real interview in person tomorrow, but this time I can no longer suppress my coughing, the fever is high as the sky I write this with fire in my eyes (at least it feels that way), so I might have to reschedule for next week, only if it is alright with them, it seems they’re trying to get everything done a couple of days before Christmas Eve, so the world will not explode in a mass of fiery inferno and consume us all like butter on a hot pan…

This is what I have on my plate right now:

  • Severe cold with congestion
  • 3 job offers
  • 2 of them offer a really low salary for the requirements
  • my face is melting
  • I probably failed the test for one of the job offers, which means the job offer no longer exists
  • I’m still missing some Christmas gifts D:<

I’m gonna miss my fabulous beard, I’m not a hairy guy so it’s gonna take forever to regrow ;_;


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