My thoughts on NBC’s “The Cape”

NBC’s “The Cape” had its 2-hour premier last night (Sunday), and I have to say it is good.

I had the chance to see it in glorious (and free) HD since I had to cancel the cable service, so I went back to over-the-air signal after 16 years, LOL, still the quality was freaking amazing on my HDTV, amazing I tell ya!!!

This is the story about a cop who gets framed for something he didn’t do and tries to get his life back; with a vengeance.

This is the description according to Wikipedia:

The series, set in the fictional metropolis of Palm City, follows Vince Faraday, an innocent police detective who was about to leave the force that has been corrupt. When his police chief is murdered by the mysterious individual known as Chess, Faraday learns of a plot by billionaire Peter Fleming to take over the police department. Unfortunately, when a e-mail arrives that leads him and his partner Marty Voyt to a cargo train equipped with weapons, Voyt sets up Faraday and is kidnapped by Chess, who frames Faraday for a crime he did not commit and then left for dead after he is caught by the police. Vince is eventually saved by a circus ringleader who prepares him with special abilities to defend himself against his foes. Separated from his wife and son, he tries to clear his name while protecting them from being killed in the event that he should be reported alive. He takes the law into his own hands by taking the guise of his son’s favorite comic book hero, The Cape, after he is given a special suit that has unique capabilities. Vowing to get rid of the corruption that has taken over both the city and the police force, Vince goes after the person responsible for setting him up and causing his “demise”.

I really like how the comic book superhero is explored, from reading a comic book to coming up with the costume. He doesn’t really have any powers, and other than the tricks he does with his cape he’s pretty much like a Batman (without his utility belt) or Daredevil.

There was a point where I really started to hate the lack of a mask, but it was fixed during the 2nd episode, and it really fits it well, although I wish the mask would also cover his hair.

I really enjoyed, although I think some parts of the story went by too fast. In general it felt like the producers were trying to cover way too much in just 2 episodes, I’m pretty sure it would have been better to stretch it out to a third one, but I guess they wanted to cover as much as possible of the basic story.

I can’t wait to watch the new episode on Jan 17, and I really hope it gains an audience, it really promises to be a good ride but only if  they give it the chance to be.

What do you think, did you like it? Do you think it will last?

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