Starting a new section: The Tail of the Week.

Yay! A new section! And it won’t be just any section, it will be dedicated to the fascinating world of the booty.

I believe women should stop worrying about the size of their chest and start working out those buttocks!

I’ll post a video/picture once a week, most likely between Monday and Tuesday, so I will need your help people!

If anybody wants to help, start sending SFW video links and/or pictures of women and their glorious booty, just put in the subject line “booty – video” or “booty – pic” and I’ll take care of the rest ;), but keep them SFW, as in no full nudity (no bare genitalia or full view of nipples, bare ass is fine so long as there is no bare genitalia on sight).

I’ll also start another section for the boob lovers, so don’t think I’ve forgotten you, just send me stuff using the same format but with the word “bwebies” instead of booty (I know it’s not a real word D:<), again SFW please.

Be good, start sending good material today!

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