The annoying world of Twitter

I started using Twitter as a way to get more people to visit the site, and to have meaningless conversation with some friends.

Over time I began using it to try to get some dough out of it, so I began using an ad network called SponsoredTweets, so in a way I started spamming my own account. That alone sounds bad, but it’s my account and I don’t go sending tweets or DMs to strangers.

What I don’t do is purposely follow thousands of people or use applications that promise thousands of followers and then just go and unfollow most, or all of them to keep a high follower ratio.

I’m getting sick and tired of all these so called artists, recording agents, and other nobodies appearing out of nowhere with less than 100 followers.  They follow you, and then when they get a high number of suckers to follow the meaningless and stupid shit they say on their timeline they stop following you, then you see them with ridiculous ratios of 20/1500 or even more, I even found a kid who decided to follow me and other 2500 people, when he got all the followers he needed he got rid of them ALL, so his ratio was an idiotic 0/2500. If you use Twitter you can imagine how retarded that is.

I learned along the way that if somebody follows you, as a courtesy, follow them back. Sadly it’s been 2 or 3 weeks of unknown nobodies trying to make a name for themselves by acting like assholes, as if having a huge amount of followers on Twitter means they’re actually famous, only an idiot would believe it to be that way.

It angers me because I don’t do that shit, in fact I don’t even go following people at all unless I like what they have and without expecting to be followed back, so I expect a little courtesy after agreeing to having your stuff on my timeline.

If you have a blog/website/whatever then you have all the right to post your links on your account, but don’t expect people to put up with you if you follow them by the hundreds but then just follow 10 yourself.

I respect the ones who follow me, whatever reason they may have to have tons of people is their problem, some do it for the ad money, some for online presence, but if you don’t want to follow me for real in the first place don’t do it at all.

A piece of advice to anybody using Twitter to gather followers, don’t use bots/applications that promise thousands of followers unless you are going to keep them on your list, if your plans are different that makes you a troll and a spammer, don’t expect people to put up with that, and don’t use the account hacking excuse either, nobody hacks an account just to gather followers.


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