Gizmodo has gone bananas

I usually don’t complain about other websites, specially big tech/gadget websites, but this has gone too far.

First they did that weird thing with the layout, who knows why. But that’s not what I’m complaining about.

What I would like to understand why in heaven’s name they came up with a tabloid-like post titled “Exclusive Shots of Steve Jobs’ Demolished House.”

Guess what it is about…

We hired a plane to see the destruction from the air. Here’s a video and some photos of the construction site—please excuse the shaky camera, but it was extremely windy, and the airplane was moving around like crazy.”

The picture even has a “Gizmodo Exclusive” red ribbon on a corner! WTF???

Apparently Steve Jobs had some legal issues to go through first to get permission to demolish the house. That’s cool and all, and I know everyone’s entitled to do whatever they want with their money, but isn’t Gizmodo a gadget website? Do we really care if Steve Jobs does any remodeling to his house? Isn’t that house his to do whatever the hell he wants? How does this affect the tech world? Is he going to come up with an iHome? (*chuckles*)

I occasionally stop by to read about tech news, but since when is the history of Steve Job’s homes relevant? Why should we give a damn? Is it because he’s Apple’s CEO?

The whole post looks like something a mediocre blog like mine would do, and even I don’t give a shit!

Steve Jobs is battling cancer, it’s the talk of the world right now, so I wonder if this sudden move is just part of a way to cash in on the Job’s health wagon…

What’s next, is Gizmodo going to gives a walk around memory lane on the cars he’s used since he started the company?

WTF Gizmodo, if you’re gonna waste money like that at least do it on a more meaningful way, I mean, Steve Job’s house????

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