I drew a picture to support Japan?

My feelings exactly, I don’t see how that’s supposed to help. In my eyes most of these people are just taking this as an opportunity to shine and gain exposure……..and sell some prints. Do you really think they will give up all their earnings and ship their stuff for free? Do you really think these people have tons of material ready for use for free? Especially the ones selling t-shirts and buttons…..seriously, how dumb do these people think we are?

Anyway, please stop it, we should worry about Japan because its people are suffering from a recent disaster, not because “Japan is the mecca of all things anime, manga, and video games…”

Seriously, not to offend anyone, but please, have some decency, if you want to help then start praying for real, the “pray for Japan” phrase has become a fad.

If you really want to support Japan then donate to the international organizations that actually do more than just ask for money, do your homework and then decide who to trust, stop wasting internet space with these attempts at stardom.

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