About the new ads on the site

I need some feedback on something I did to the site.

A few months ago I joined the Skimlinks affiliate marketing program. It’s basically like having joined as an affiliate to a ton of websites like Amazon, Newegg, Macy’s, eBay, etc., but without having to actually do it individually.

Of course they take their share, but it saves me the time to have to join a dozen places at once.

Anyway, I haven’t made a ton of money yet, but there’s been a couple of sales here and there and I have received that commission.

The reason for this post is that I placed “hot deals boxes” on several categories, and the single posts also have a rotating box for the newest comics from TFAW.com under each post, so I want to know if I overdid it and the site takes forever to load.

Affiliate marketing doesn’t pay per click, but per sale, so the boxes I placed are not animated, don’t have sound or video, and are definitely not flash ads, they’re just a picture with a description of the item and the link to the store.

If anybody finds them overwhelming, too annoying, or simply make the site terribly slow please let me know, I’m just running a test for now.

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