How to give credit to Imgur when you use their pictures

I normally give credit to every picture I use from any site, even from Imgur and Eatliver.

However, I’ve seen a bunch of assholes who repeatedly use pictures from said sites and don’t give credit at all, not even when their own visitors have asked them about it.

So, even if you found the pictures in Digg you should give credit to where its due, and please don’t just place a direct link to the image, that’s pretty much like not giving credit at all.

I know people upload stuff from all over the net, even stuff that’s not even theirs, like illustrations from devianart, but if you are hotlinking from Imgur and your visitors ask you where you get those pictures don’t dare say you got them from “the net,” that’s retarded…

Anyway, the way to do it is extremely simple, all you do is remove the .jpg part from the URL and voila!

This link for example:


OMFG that’s some voodoo shit!

No my friend, that’s the power of paying attention D:, now start giving credit you ingrates!

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