Little Thor (Valkswagen Ad Parody)

See what happens when the “mite-iest” of mortals wields Thor’s hammer…


This is a great parody of Valkswagen’s ad “The Force” that aired a few days before the Super Bowl.

If you pay attention you will notice that the dog’s bowl reads “Loki,” there’s a Thor action figure behind the doll, the orange mug on the counter reads “Stark,” the car’s licence plate reads “A5G 4RD” or “ASGARD,” and there’s “something” with Ironman’s face on the car’s dashboard (I say “something” because I don’t know what it is).

This is a really nice way to promote the upcoming Thor movie,  so I shall name my firstborn THOR, and my wife’s cat shall be called LOKI (cats are evil!).

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