Racism in America: Episode 4 – A maid named Rosa

Being a maid is hard enough without the damn trophy wives…

It’s funny because it’s true. My parents have a residential cleaning service (not to be confused with a maid service), and my mom has been called “Rosa” many times, even when her name doesn’t even begin with an “R”….

There’s always stupid people who assume everybody who looks “brown” and speaks Spanish is from Mexico, and may God forbid you correct them or they will give you the classic “whatever!”

If there is one thing that makes me mad is when people assume I can’t speak English right off the bat and start mixing word in Spanish and adding O’s at the end of every word, just like the girl says it in the video it’s really confusing and really hard to understand.

Anyway, kudos to the Reckless Tortuga crew for coming up with these webisodes.

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