Unauthorized use of my PayPal account =/

Some asshole somehow used my Paypal account to buy something from aliexpress.com, a wholesale website from China.

It’s a good thing I installed the Yahoo mail app in my phone, as soon as the transaction was finalized I received an email from Paypal telling me they had just paid that website $69.72, but there is no description of what it was, only the website’s address.

The funny thing about this was that it wasn’t US Paypal that let me know about the transaction, but Paypal.com.sg, as in Singapore.

The thing is, I checked my account and nothing was different, my email address was the same, I had not received confirmations of password changes, so I pretty much ended up changing the passwords of every email account I have, and Paypal’s too.

Where it gets ridiculous is Paypal’s way to do things. As soon as I filed the complaint I was asked by the system to change my password and security questions. About 2 hours later I receive another email telling me that my account had been restricted for security reasons, they force me to provide my bank account number to confirm I am the account owner (I thought about it a million times before doing it, it seemed suspicious at this moment), and then I am forced to change my password and my security questions again.

To finally remove the restriction I am required to either give them a copy of my ID (wtf), or fax them a document. It’s a good thing they didn’t ask for a copy of my passport too….

Anyway, the thing I’m concerned about right now is getting my money back, I don’t even have an account on aliexpress, and I didn’t even know that website existed until now.

I wish Paypal would force these online stores to provide a detailed receipt when they accept Paypal as a payment method, the only thing I know is the website address and the ammount spent, that’s all =(

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