BlogGlue javascript error

Last week I mentioned I would try BlogGlue for two weeks. However, I had to deactivate and delete it after I noticed something weird going on with some of the other scripts running on the site.

I first noticed there was something weird going on when the Lightbox Plus plugin wouldn’t work. I deactivated it, re-activated it, deleted it, reinstalled it again, and it still wouldn’t work. I tried removing a couple of other plugins but the error remained.

Then today I noticed something I hadn’t paid attention before; the front page picture slider wasn’t working. It shows you the most recent picture, but that’s it, it doesn’t transition to the other pictures. Clicking on the arrows does nothing either, it just reloads the website.

I moved scripts, deleted and reinstalled plugins, but nothing worked. Then I decided to deactivate BlogGlue. As soon as I did it the slider started working again, but Lightbox Plus wouldn’t work.

Then I deleted BlogGlue completely, then suddenly everything went back to normal, and even the javascript error IE was showing disappeared completely.

I’m gonna leave it like that until I find out what happened, and also why my last 20 posts didn’t have related posts at all.

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