Mobile Suits/Mechas/Giant Robots: It has begun.

Never thought I’d see the day mobile suits would be invented, and just like in a Japanese manga/anime a child is the pilot.

This is the Kid’s Walker, a smaller “kid friendly” version of the full-size Land Walker robot the Sakakibara-Kikai Company of Japan developed (scroll down to see the Land Walker).

Although they make mostly industrial robots, Sakakibara Kikai is also developing a range of large-size, mechanical toys and three boarding robots.



Height 1.6m
Weight 340kg
 Powered by  Gasoline
Speed ???
Riding capacity 1
For ages 4 and up~12.
1,800,000yen ($22,100 US)
(without tax)


And this is the the Land Walker in all its glory:

It’s 3.4m high, weighs 1 ton, powered by a gasoline engine and walk-slides at 1.5km/h, and comes with two air cannons, one on each side. They only throw sponge balls though. This one is twice as expensive as the kid’s version, at a whooping $463,000 USD.

Here’s the Land Walker in action:


It kind of reminds me of that big robot from Robocop I.

As you can see the conditions are there, we have global warming, over population, natural disasters, and other man-made problems. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say we will start building massive colonies in outer space, specially because we all know the moon is gonna crack in half when they try to build and sell properties over there and screw us all.

BTW, I want my spaceship in white, and I shall call it White Base, so I can jump onto it.

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