Trying out BlogGlue (formerly known as Arkayne)

Some time ago I decided to try Arkayne, a related-posts plugin with the extra feature of creating crosslinks between partnered websites.

It’s like having related posts from other websites, but without you having to do anything manually. It displays your partners’ posts right under your internal related posts; that in theory gives your site a traffic boost.

I tried it for a while, but it didn’t work for me back then, mainly because their categories were pretty bad. There were far too many “marketeers” and SEO websites there, a few big gadget sites, but as much as I tried I couldn’t find websites similar to mine, and I know there is a ton of them out there.

I decided to give it another try, this time under the name BlogGlue. It’s pretty much the same thing, but this time they really worked on their categories and I have a few recommendations now.

I’m using their free version to see if I can actually increase my website’s traffic. The only downside to this is their partnership with YARPP (Yet another Related Posts Plugin), which disables the latter. Any customization pretty much goes down the drain.

Since I only have a free account I’m limited to 5 partner blogs 400 blog posts, that means that at some point I will probably have to ditch my current partners, or they will do it to me. However, if this gives my site a traffic boost I might consider getting a paid account in the future.

I’ll try it for about 2 weeks from today and check back to see if things changed at all, if they don’t I’ll just go back to YARPP.

Personally I like YARPP better, I had it customized so it would show related posts the way I wanted and not the how BlogGlue shows them right now, but I guess some sacrifices have to be made in the name of getting more money traffic.

In the meantime, if somebody wants to exchange links the old fashion way just shoot me an email with your site’s address and we can work something out (NO PORN SITES PLEASE).


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