Could you imagine Harry Potter as a manga or anime?

Stop imagining, here’ss a sweet fanart of Harry potter, anime/manga style!

This looks more manga than anime to me, too many shadows and highlights, but it’s still amazing.

The style is interesting, but also confusing. It’s hard to differentiate who’s who, so here’s an edited version with all the names in that poster. I would certainly welcome a Harry Potter anime or manga. Here’s the artist’s blog in case you want to take a look at his gallery.

He also has a couple of group shots of the main Harry Potter characters. The new generation (the ones we know as the main characters) is at the top, and the old guys (when they were young) at the bottom, check it out.  Here’s a version with the respective names.

I wonder if any Japanese studio will ever ask for the rights for an anime adaptation of the books, I’m pretty sure it’s easier to stick to the original story when you don’t have the problem of film length and special effects, and especially the actors growing up too fast.


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