My computer is fixed ;D

That’s how I feel right now. I managed to get a 4pin molex to P4 adapter and everything works. I actually wanted a female p8 to male p4 adapter, I saw some of those online, but getting the other adapter from the store was faster and cheaper. And they only had 3 in the store o_O.

This computer really gave me a good scare, specially when the new PSU didn’t come with everything it advertised on the box, and then it was too small to screw in, so I had to remove the back plate from the bad PSU (good thing it had a back plate).

The funny thing is that the new PSU appears to have been assembled upside down, meaning that the back plate fit the righ holes, but it was literaly upside down and didn’t match the cases’s screw holes.

This is what happens when you go for cheap parts, but hey I’m broke so that’s all I could afford, so I hope it lasts me a good couple of years until I can buy a new computer.

This ordeal could have been avoided if I hand’t turned off the computer when I did it Friday night, but it would have done it at some point anyway, and my old laptop is not really as great as my desktop computer.

What did I learn from all this? If I ever buy another HP computer I will definitely not get any of the supped up models, memory is cheap  so I can do the rest myself, and I will definitely have to replace their cheap 300watt power supply and graphics card, so I might as well keep it under $700 if possible.

Now all I have to get is one of those cutting tools, like the ones Dremel sells, or a rotary tool from Harbor Freight, I need to open a couple of holes in the computer case to put back in the front USB, card reader, audio, and video connectors.

I feel like I’m struggling to keep my old car up and running, but that’s what you get for not having a job, no job = no electonics.

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