Old Spice Guy vs Fabio – Mano a Mano in El Baño

Fabio has been doing some weird commercials for Old Spice, and even dares to challenge the old Old Spice guy to a duel!



It all started with a youtuba channel called newoldspiceguyfabio, with Fabio (obviously) doing several Old Spice commercials, and I gotta admit, they’re so weird I was actually laughing my ass off at some of them.

But he’s not Isaiah Mustafa! Thousands of fans have been asking for him to go back to being the Old Spice guy, so Fabio decides to challenge Isaiah Mustafa.



And he accepted the challenge!



Shit just got real! The event will be live at YouTube.com/OLDSPICE at noon TODAY (9am PST).

I gotta admit, Old Spice created the perfect viral event, I mean, look at the Fabio ads, they’re obviously fake, those don’t look like commercial type ads at all, if all he’s playing his part perfectly. I just hope I get up on time to watch this D:

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