Today I learned cats get high on catnip

I don’t have a cat, so I had no idea cats could get high with a common plant called Nepeta, aka catnip. And when I say get high I really mean “out of their freaking minds.”

Catnip’s one hell of a drug, if you’re a cat. This makes me wonder, does it also work in tigers, lions, and other species of big cats?

Let’s find out.

Apparently the effect is higher on smaller species of big felines, the tiger liked it but didn’t show the same effect as the leopards and other big felines there. The lion however didn’t even show any interest, I mean, he’s the king, the boss, and the boss knows better than using the “product” đŸ˜‰

So, next time your cat is out of control just give it some catnip and watch it go insane out of its freaking mind!

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