Transformers: The Movie (1986) 8-bit NES remix theme

I just received an email from Jonas Martinsson (aka Hurblat) about a remix he did of the theme from Transformers the Movie (1986), 8-bit NES style.

To remind people of how great the Transformers franchise once was, I’ve made an 8-bit NES remix of the Theme from Transformers the Movie.

Hurblat – Theme from Transformers the Movie (8-bit NES version) by Hurblat

Here’s the Youtube version in case your system can’t handle Flash.

That was pretty awesome, specially the guitar solo! I believe we have a ringtone right here ;D

Thanks to Hurblat for letting me know, and specially for not using the contact form to offer me Viagra, Cialis, russian porn, forex trades, or any of the crap I usually get ;).

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