Retarded idea of the day: The new Youtube music page

It’s shit like this Youtube….

Hello fellow Youtube users, I would like to congratulate Youtube on forcing the same type of music we have to put up with in radio stations down our throats.

I felt disgusted the moment I saw Rebecca Black, I can’t believe they even included here in that list….. and laughed my ass off when I saw “Calle 13 – Because you watched Pitbull,” because they love each other so much right?

What is it with the ton of pop, hip-hop, and hipster shit? Seriously, what about the other genres? So it’s not enough that in the state of Maryland the only 2 rock stations that have a decent signal are utter crap and only play alternative rock, pussy rock, or really old rock (98Rock and DC101), but now I have to put up with that in Youtube?

This is seriusly retarded, hand-pick your butts back to the office and rethink what you’re doing, I don’t need teeny booper shit shoved on my face the moment I log in…

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