2011 NIKE MAG – It’s About Time

Remember those shoes Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future part II? Well, the future is now.

Sadly they are not actually for sale, but for auction. Since today at 8:30pm PST 1,500 pairs of the Nike MAG will be auctioned on eBay. 150 pairs will be made available each day over the course of the next ten days with the final date being September 18th.

All proceeds will benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation and the of a future without Parkinson’s disease.


If there’s one thing you can be sure about is that Kevin Durant is not an actor.

I was hoping they would hit the stores, but I guess they would rather have an auction and sell the shoes for thousands more than they’re worth. Head over to the Nike MAG eBay page and you’ll see the lowest bid is at over $3,000 USD.

Anyway, nice try Nike, you made me happy for a little while =/

Head over to back4thefuture.com for more info and to check how many pairs they have left.

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