Mayweather vs Ortiz: A Sucker-punch to Boxing

The fight between Mayweather and Ortiz ended with a KO in favor of the former, and I am glad I didn’t waste my money away on another fixed PPV event.

I’m gonna quote the LAtimes live updates before I get my point across.

Round 1

Mayweather throws two rights and ducks after each. Both guys feeling jab. Mayweather lands jab and right. Ortiz swings a glancing left. Mayweather gets in a right. Ortiz charges with a left. Mayweather to body before hold. Mayweather 10-9.

Round 2

Ortiz lands a shot. Mayweather lands big counter right. Ortiz charges in. Mayweather again. Ortiz right to body. Mayweather holds in corner. Ortiz flails. Mayweather lands. Mayweather 10-9

Round 3

Mayweather slaps Ortiz with lefts. Ortiz looking for opening to no avail. Mayweather gets in jab. Nice firm right to face by Mayweather. Nice right to jaw by Mayweather. Ortiz too slow, walking into punches. Mayweather lands right, quickly backs away. Mayweather hides behind left shoulder and lands rights. All Mayweather now. Mayweather 10-9

Round 4

Mayweather lands big combo with Ortiz huddled downward. Ortiz gets his feet, pounds Mayweather against ropes with his own hard barrage. Mayweather nods it doesn’t hurt. Ortiz hurts Mayweather, but loses a point on head butt. Mayweather knocks down Ortiz with right and left. Ortiz is counted out. Fight over. Controversial finish. Referee Joe Cortez had separated the fighters after the point deduction. Cortez gave a weak signal to resume, and Mayweather unleashed blows to Ortiz, who was seemingly trying to apologize to Mayweather and didn’t know the fight had resumed. He tried to get up at 7 and couldn’t.

Boxing is a sport with rules, and among those rules there no such thing as KARMA. Ortiz headbutted Mayweather, so the referee separates the fighters, takes a point from the already losing (on the cards) Ortiz, and is still looking and signaling the judges when Mayweather sucker-punched Ortiz. (6:12 if the player doesn’t start there).

The interesting thing here is that not only did the referee did a really weak signal to resume (that even I didn’t understand by the way he’s acting and looking towards the judges), he starts counting just like that, and even stops at 7 even though Ortiz was on his knees  and not on his back looking at the ceiling.

Here’s the slow motion take, look at the referee, he wasn’t even paying attention to the fight, why? Because he hadn’t given the order to resume! Just ignore what the uploader is saying, boxing is not about “what he deserved.”

When asked about his decision referee Joe Cortez had this to say “Time was in. [Ortiz] needed to keep his guard up. Mayweather did nothing illegal.” It’s hard to say that when not even the people watching the fight understood his half-ass signal.

Tell me something, if he was already winning on the cards, why did he take that cheap shot? Many are already complaining the fight was staged and they are both bad actors, and I will have to agree.

Ortiz apparently was taken off guard, but we’ve seen him take worse, so why was it so difficult for him to get up when we all know Mayweather is all speed but no power? Why did the referee stop counting at 7 when Ortiz was on his knees trying to get up? And mostly, why was Ortiz so insistent on apologizing to Mayweather? It was ridiculous how he kept going in circles trying to apologize to the guy he’s trying to beat up.

Whatever the result is Ortiz will go home with a big cut from the fight. It really angers me because I really thought he was a serious fighter. But if that was not the case, which I doubt by his calm reaction at the end of the fight, then Mayweather is still a piece of crap fighter who hand picks his fights.

To make things more interesting Mayweather even picked a fight with Larry Merchant. We all know Merchant isn’t exactly a Mayweather fan, but the cheap shot the latter took at Ortiz wasn’t exactly worthy of recognition.


That was certainly classy of the champion.

If the Paquiao fight ever materializes I fear it will end up the same way, and by the looks of things everyone has a price, too bad because I would love to see Paquiao turn Mayweather’s face inside out.

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