The truth about nerds

There’s a trend of hipsters calling themselves “nerds” to stand out, but in my honest opinion they just do it to justify the fake thick rimmed glasses.

There’s big difference between those who are nerds, and those who call themselves nerds.

Real nerds don’t see themselves as that, and of course don’t like being called that either. They’re really smart and, in many cases, socially awkward as shown in the following graph,

“Geek” is the right term they should be using, or actually “dork” as they are obsessed with certain types of movies, music, fashion, and TV shows. They think that because they played video games, watched Pokemon, the Harry Potter movies, and the Twilight movies, and own Apple products they can call themselves nerds.

This will probably explain things better,

Next time you hear a woman say she likes nerds take a good look at her, if she’s wearing weird clothes you can safely assume she means hipsters wearing thick rimmed glasses.

I guess wearing glasses to appear smart is something that will carry on forever, except of course for those who actually need prescription glasses.


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