Where are these guys getting their coffee?

Hot chicks in bikinis serving coffee? That’s definitely relevant to my interests.

I was surfing imgur when I stumbled upon these two jewels, really hot jewels.

The first one is from a reddit post titled “A chick in a bikini gives me coffee every morning.”

Holy crap! My first thought was, “where is this guy getting his coffee???” Then some other user came up with a similar post.

This second one is from another reddit post titled “The bikini coffee girl got so many upvotes, I thought I’d share with you the girl who serves ME coffee.”

The first one is HOT, the second one is pornstar material! Lucky bastards!

So, my question is, are there coffee places like this in the DC Metro area? As in Maryland, DC, and/or Northern Virginia? Come one guys, hook me up! Help out a fellow man in distress!

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