The every-year Christmas complaint

Every year people will complain on how all these stores put up the Christmas displays so early in the year. I wish I could say “it’s because of how bad the economy is right now,” but that would be a lie. For as long as I remember all stores in general do it, but we still act surprised as if we hadn’t seen the same thing the year before.

I’ve been reading a ton of complaints on different sites about how stores have the Christmas displays already out on the floor when Halloween is still around the corner. But really finding some some decorations on the floor is nothing. Take a look at what Sears has every year at the beginning of October.

I worked at Sears several years ago and the Christmas displays  are always prepared in the second half of SEPTEMBER.

I also worked servicing supermarkets a few years back and they kind of mix up everything there. You will see the Halloween displays because they want to get rid of all that candy, and then the Thanksgiving stuff. During the first or second week of October they will add the Christmas stuff and they will only get rid of the Halloween stuff around the second week of November, some stores even keep it until the third week in hopes of selling all that candy and decorations.

The funny thing is that next year we all will complain again like it’s something we haven’t seen before, lol.

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